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About us

Our main objective

Our main goal is to actively engage in the fight against poverty through the redistribution of knowledge and skills. We firmly believe that by providing practical training to young girls and boys, starting with the most disadvantaged, we will impart knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly enable them to work and improve their own future, that of their families, their country, and even the entire continent, as well as the world at large.

"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime."

A fisherman

The concept

BOW RWANDA GROUP Ltd is a private company, but its objective is to improve the future of the most disadvantaged youth by teaching them a trade that will enable them to find employment, and even potentially create their own small business. It is a company that gradually establishes training and production workshops, taking into account the real-life conditions in which the most disadvantaged youth live, as well as the realities of the country, and provides appropriate solutions. We believe that the greatest wealth one can offer to someone is education, and we are convinced that this transfer of skills through practical training is an appropriate response, one that will restore hope to all our beneficiaries, as it will give them access to a better future.

Ultimately, by aiming for the fulfillment and improvement of the living conditions of each and every beneficiary, our action will simultaneously enhance the conditions of the communities in which they live, as well as those of the entire country, and possibly even the continent and the world.

Bow concept

The Bow team

BOW RWANDA GROUP Ltd is made of a team of individuals who share a passionate desire to work together to positively impact the world at large, starting with those most in need. We also firmly believe that across the globe, there are undoubtedly others who share our same objective and could join forces with us. We warmly invite you to join us, and your support, whether spiritual, material, financial, intellectual, and so on, will always be appreciated. It's true that these practical workshops will consistently require equipment, funding, experienced trainers, both male and female, as well as various teaching materials and guidance. Without your support, achieving our lofty goal will be quite challenging. The opening of these workshops will be contingent on the needs of the communities and the availability of the necessary resources for their successful establishment and operation.

The Bow team

Our Initiative

Our initiative will not be limited to supporting the youth in our workshops alone. We will also strive to cover the tuition fees of other needy individuals to continue their education in both public and private institutions. We will assist some of the most deprived families by covering their health insurance premiums or by aiding them in establishing activities that can help improve their living conditions.

Our action

Supporting us

We warmly invite you to join us, and your support, whether spiritual, material, financial, intellectual, etc., will always be appreciated. It is true that these practical workshops will always need equipment, money, experienced trainers, and all sorts of teaching materials, as well as advice; otherwise, it will be very difficult for us to achieve our ambitious objective without your help.

The opening of the workshops will depend each time on the needs of the communities, but also on the availability of the necessary means for their effective opening and operation. The craftsmanship includes workshops for basketry, pottery, sculpture, painting, sewing, etc., and to meet the needs for qualified personnel, we have thought of creating workshops for carpentry, plumbing, electricity, mechanics, welding, audio-visual, music, etc. And sports will always have its place in our workshops. "A healthy mind in a healthy body."This means that we will need sport equipment for football, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, pool tables, and so on.

Your support can be in the form of new or used equipment, as all our workshops will always need various types of machinery. However, you can also send us your financial support to the accounts of BOW Ltd. We also hope that some of you who would like to visit us and even share their experiences with our youth will be greatly appreciated.

Support us

Our products

Purchasing various products made in our workshops by our young individuals will also be a tremendous support. The income generated from these sales will enable us to continue and expand our fight against poverty in Rwanda, Africa, and worldwide.

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Where Are We?

We have chosen to start this venture in a rural area, in villages amidst the youth who need our support the most. Southern Province - Ruhango District - Byimana Sector - Ntenyo Cell - Kavumu Village.

 Without you, it will be very challenging for us to succeed, but with you, we are confident in achieving our ambitious goal. Many thanks.

Rwanda map

The workshops

Craftsmanship encompasses workshops for basketry, pottery, sculpture, painting, sewing, and more. To address the need for skilled personnel, we have considered establishing workshops for carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, mechanics, welding, audio-visual production, music, and so forth. Sports will always have a place within our workshops, as we believe in the adage "A healthy mind in a healthy body." Therefore, we will also require sports equipment for activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, billiards, and so on.

Workshop BOW


  • BOW : Bayingana Open Workshops ;

  • Bow is a symbol of respect, humility, simplicity and obedience ;

  • Bow is also for us is a symbol of aim and focus that will inspire you to hit your target every. time.